Announcement: VH Autumn Seminar on Yeast Technology (Online)

The annual VH Berlin Autumn Seminar on Yeast Technology will take place on September 21-24, 2020.

Due to the globale health and travel situation, the seminar will be held live online this year as a webinar. It will take 4hrs (+30min break) per day over the course of four days. Seminar time will be 15:00-19:30 central European Summer Time (CEST)/ 13:00-17:30 UTC.

Topics covered will be

  • Overview of industrial baker’s yeast production
  • Raw materials
  • Technical microbiology
  • Fermentation planning
  • Baker’s yeast fermentation in industrial scale
  • Downstream processing
  • Fermentation balancing

As a teaser, you can find a sample from our yeast technology seminar here – topic is the oxygen supply to the yeast during fermentation.

There will be room for individual questions (preferably provided before seminar start). The lectures will be given “live” and offer the possibility for questions, further explanations and discussion.

The seminar will be conducted via the tool “BlueJeans”. Before seminar start, participants will be given the opportunity to test their setup in order to ensure that no technical obstacles remain.

For quotations or or further questions please use our contact form – we are looking forward to an interesting event with you!