Contract research

Development and improvements of baker’s yeast

FermenterschaumDevelopment of new products and analytical studies of baker’s yeast are necessary to adapt to a changing market.
VH Berlin provides competent service as it:

  • is certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • is an impartial tester
  • is capable of modelling the entire production process

Ankom KöpfeAnalyses and tests were completed in cooperation with suppliers of machines and process aids for the baker’s yeast industry. Established and new product developments were tested for their properties. New technological solutions were developed with partners.
A small selection of different projects follows:

  • Hefestrangantifoam-tests
  • emulsifer-tests
  • comparison of open and closed raising power test systems
  • fermentation substrate tests
  • sample and test-drying of untypical Saccharomyces-strains