Your membership of the VH Berlin e.V. association

Specific information, networking and cooperation for your company in the field of yeast technology

Your membership of, financial support for and cooperation within the VH Berlin enables us to provide you with specialised information and high-quality analytical services and to locate training and research cooperation partners.

Being a technical association, funded by interested companies, we survey know how and developments, organise conferences and net-working events and mobilise cooperation partners for projects.

Purpose of the VH Berlin registered association (e.V.), as formulated in section 1 of the Statutes:
„to promote science and education in yeast technology“

Financing of VH Berlin e.V.:

  1. VH Berlin membership fees are the same for all full members.
  2. The infrastructure of the Research Institute for Baker’s yeast to provide analytical services and applied yeast research is funded out of the membership fees and contributions from sponsors.
  3. Members of VH Berlin pledge to stay members for three years, to guarantee reliable funding and budgeting of VH Berlin.
  4. All services provided by the Research Institute for Baker’s yeast will be accounted as assessable, plus VAT by VH Berlin e.V.

Rights and duties of VH Berlin members:

  1. Yeast producing groups, single yeast producing companies, supplier companies and consultants can be full VH Berlin members. Groups hold one full VH membership. Every full member has one vote.
  2. Full members of VH Berlin, who want to be eligible to serve as officers and presidents for the VH board, have to order annual service packages of € 10,000 .
  3. All natural and legal persons, such as non-profit organisations or those from academia can be supporting members of VH Berlin.

VH Membership fees:

  1. 1. For full VH members the annual amount is: € 5,000 €/year.
  2. The minimum contribution for supporting members of VH Berlin is : € 1,000 €/year.