Education and training

On-the-job training, collaboration and consulting

Hands-on application of scientific and technological progress is a factor critical for a company’s competitiveness. Ongoing training of all personnel involved in the production of yeast is therefore essential.

The Research Institute for Baker’s Yeast offers beginners, later entrants and yeast professionals a chance of acquiring new knowledge or adding to what they know about yeast technology. Our experienced staff organise training courses and seminars covering fermentation and drying processes. We also offer additional qualification programmes in the fields of chemical, physical and microbiological analysis as well as quality management and assurance.

We look back on many years of experience in the analysis and research of Baker’s yeast and its industrial application, so we will gladly assist you, answering all your questions and discuss on-site challenges facing you during our courses also.

Depending on your knowledge levels, you may choose between two courses:

  • Intensive course: Yeast technology for advanced personnel
  • Basic course: Basic yeast technology for beginners

Course content and length may be adapted to your preferences.