Our VH team and its expertise

How to find the right person to take up your requests

Your requests for applied research project ideas are always welcome and your orders for quality analysis services will be worked on as soon as possible, bearing in mind our capacities.

Please pass on your requests to the members of our team, listed below. We will return your call, offering information and quotations.
If you would like to give us a call, feel free to call +49 (30) 81455, adding the extension numbers quoted below :

Applied research projects

Mr. Dr. Michael Quantz -4970
Mr. Dr. Erik Pollmann -4970

Raw materials test lab

Ms. Carina Skrzypczak -4972
Mr. Dr. Michael Quantz -4970

Yeast quality test lab

Ms. Saniye Kangal -4973
Mr. Madani Ali -4973

Microbiology test lab

Ms. Saniye Kangal -4973
Mr. Dr. Erik Pollmann -4970

VH Report
Literature and patent review/database

Mr. Dr. Erik Pollmann -4970
Ms. Ann-Maria Pollmann-Dinse -4970

Accounting and office management

Ms. Anastasiia Podzihun -4970