Retrospective: VH yeast technology seminars 2023

In order to disseminate our knowledge of yeast technology, it was our pleasure to provide several seminars on baker’s yeast production to members of various companies this year (2023) – one seminar on-site by request.

Topics covered were theoretical as well as practical basic know-how in the fields of:

  • Modern baker’s yeast (IADY) technology
  • Technical microbiology of baker’s yeast
  • Raw materials and waste water aspects
  • “side by side” hands-on fermentations: reference / variations
  • Model calculations: ferm. balances and recipes
  • Down stream dewatering units and emulsifier
  • Analyses of yeast constituents and performance
  • Microbiological contaminations and quality control
  • HACCP analysis of the yeast plant
  • Lots of individual questions/discussions!

We enjoyed the experience and fruitful discussions with people from very different backgrounds, but a common interest in baker’s yeast. We are looking forward to further seminars in 2024 – please contact us about what we can offer you!