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Applied Research

Applied research on yeast technology and quality analysis Applied, industry oriented research and development are key activities of the Research Institute for Baker’s yeast of VH Berlin. Our joint applied research projects enable SME to find partners and locate subsidies. Other sectors of applied research are joint projects with universities and bilateral contract research. Applied, industry oriented research and development work on yeast fermentation and downstream technology are always focused to sustain baker’s yeast quality. Specified yeast product features and the choice of fermentation substrates need to match. Research efforts will have to determine the physico-chemical influences on yeast growth, storability and stability of conditioned yeast products. Yeast strain selection (genotype) and fermentation conditions determine phenotypic performance and biomass production of the production strains. Fermentation recipes are the key to product quality, as regards physico-chemical and microbiological hygiene parameters. The US pharmaceutical production FDA-PAT (Process Analytic Technology) initiative for the is going to be adopted in the food processing industry. Concepts are needed for the measuring and controlling process parameters, determining product quality. The yeast industry, …


Modern yeast production is increasingly influenced by the results of biotechnological research and developments. To update your state of knowledge and skills, continuous education is a must. An excellent way of doing so is your participation at the annual VH Yeast Conference as well as at post-gradual training programmes offered by VH. Such events cover all areas of yeast production: strain selection, raw material, yeast fermentation, down-stream processing, yeast drying, waste water and exhaust air treatment, production and quality control as well as analytics. The skills of your staff to a large extent determine the quality of yeast. We offer the following skills and knowledge upgrades to your personnel to raise their qualification levels:


COVID-19 effects: The current developments  of the Covid-19 situation and the public regulations in place have an effect on the VH Berlin services as well. Laboratory: Currently we are operating our laboratories while taking all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our lab personell as well as our clients. We ask you to ensure to have your samples delivered to the VH Berlin between Tuesday and Thursday. Please send tracking codes/delivery notifications in advance to as well. Accounting: We currently work from home, in part time due to additional child care responsibilities. The processing of your inquiries may take longer than normal. VH Berlin – top-quality services for an essential industry We look back on many years of yeast analysis and technology expertise VH Berlin and its experienced team provide quality analyses to the yeast industry and its suppliers – many of them accredited (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005). We also offer our technical expertise to answer your questions regarding yeast technology and analyse your production concepts. VH Berlin also has its own …

VH Forum

Company board – baker’s yeast Modern yeast industry is subject to continuous changes and innovations. A comprehensive network of all companies and individuals involved in the yeast industry is a must in order to keep abreast of these changes. Our VH Forum offers an overview over VH members and partners from academia and industry. The VH board will assist you establishing contacts.