32. VHYC Hefetagung

Call for lecturers  32nd VH yeast conference April 15-16, 2019

Baking with yeast(s)

at Inselhotel Potsdam-Hermannswerder

Are you participating in the baking of tomorrow?

In an ever-changing industry that is feeding the world, competition is just a grain away. You are an expert in baked snacks, additives, or baking (yeast) technology? Then give our participants a lift ahead.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we kindly invite you to present at the 32nd VH Yeast Conference, focusing on “Baking with Yeast(s).”

The VH yeast conference is THE international peer-group meeting of yeast technologists and gathers about 90 people from industry, suppliers and academia.

You are invited to give a lecture/present a poster on the topic suggested, with a specific focus of your choice, and furthermore give a short presentation of your institution.

Contributions should be covering one of the following topics:

  • Yeast strain selection for special dough applications (depending on flour type, sponge and/or sour dough)

  • Mixed & rare yeast strain baking experiences

General topics include:

  • Applied research topics & project notes

  • Advances in yeast production & process units

  • Quality requirements and analytical solutions

We would appreciate to receive your title/abstract within the next 10 days, by December 21, 2018. Your lecture can take 25′ + 5′ for questions from the audience. If you are not available this date, please forward our request (and lead) to your colleagues. If any young scientists would like to present a poster (5′ short lecture) on their current work, please encourage them to contact us.

Conference fees:

You are invited on both conference days free of charge, as well as for accommodation, the conference itself and evening program. Co-authors may participate at reduced fees of 290€. Travel costs get reimbursed.

If any questions remain, please contact us via e-mail.

Thank you in advance!

Office (Ms. Tolk, Ms. Podzihun): contact@vh-berlin.org

General Manager VH Berlin Dr. Michael Quantz

Contact : michael.quantz@vh-berlin.org